SIR S.p.A. is an industrial company specialised in producing
and selling plastic materials. More specifically, the company’s
commercial offer is aimed at companies working in the
following sectors:

  • Storage
  • Automotive
  • Office and garden furniture
  • Components for the industrial sector

In September 2016, SIR S.p.A. transferred its production and
business headquarters to new premises in Piazzola sul
Brenta. This location is the ideal solution for starting out on a
new path. Its large dimensions span more than 25,000 square
metres in an area totalling 70,000 square metres.
The new area provides the spaces required for improving the
organisation of processes, production line efficiency and the
future development of the business, since the plant
engineering and the layout has already been configured for up
to 12 production lines.

SIR S.p.A. produces high-quality plastic compounds
comprising Polypropylene, Polyethylene, ABS and Polystyrene,
which are processed and monitored in compliance with
precise technical specifications. SIR complies with the ISO
9001 and ISO 14001 standard. The R&D lab offers customers
technical assistance and support in developing new products
that are increasingly tailored to their needs.


SIR S.p.A. has obtained certification for its Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standard, from the prestigious certification body TÜV Italia, for the following fields of application:

design and production of thermoplastic compounds by means of the extrusion process; the sale of plastic materials.

SIR S.p.A. offers specific guarantees for Customers as follows:

  • Meeting Customer needs by monitoring all company processes and implementing stringent controls during all production phases;
  •  Compliance with legislation, with a special focus on the environment
  • Proper management of all environmental issues

Moreover, SIR S.p.A. has sought to enhance its experience in the plastic materials sector and intensify the attention that the company has always paid to meeting its Customers’ needs and respecting the environment, thus obtaining the mark for “Second Life Plastic” (PSV in Italy) obtained from industrial waste, and eco mixtures.

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